Healthcare Facility Notary Services

We are often asked whether it is possible to have a Notary Public visit a healthcare facility to complete a notarization for a loved one, or themselves. Yes, we can. Our goal is to help the public get notarized, wherever that may be, we will assist as long as the signer has a valid ID, and a proper, complete document that needs to be notarized. Whether it be in the hospital, or on a boat at the docks, at the beach, or at the coffee shop, we are here to help!


It is important to check with the healthcare facility's staff that the signer is allowed to have visitors. Be aware if there are any health concerns with having a member of the public enter their hospital room. The Notary Public must be present to have the documents signed, the notary certificate filled out, and their journal signed. The signer must be able to communicate with the notary and understand that they are signing a document. They must not tell us that they do not want to sign it. We will not help or force someone to sign a document. They must be willing or acknowledge that they indeed did sign the document being notarized.

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Sometimes the individual may have an issue with signing their name when they are in the hospital due to injury or other reasons. The person being notarized must sign the document without someone else coercing their hand to sign. If they cannot sign their full name they may sign by mark with the presence of witnesses to attest to watching the person make their mark. We understand the difficulties that accompany certain situations, and are very patient and understanding when signing is difficult and they may need to take longer than usual. Notify us, or the Notary Public assisting you, if you intend to sign by mark, or if the person you are making the appointment for has difficulty signing.