Do your notaries accept credit card? What other forms of payment?

Yes!  We accept credit card, cash, check, and most forms of common payment. We can accept credit card on site at the time of the appointment or over the phone. We also accept online payments by our credit card through our invoicing to businesses.


Can you do an ASAP Notary Appointment?

Of course. Our team is readily available to help. Do not hesitate to call us. If our entire team is booked, there’s a possibility we can find someone convenient for you. There are no additional charges for ASAP Notary Service. 


Can Streamline Signings Execute a loan document signing?

Yes. We accommodate loan document signings, in fact, that is our specialty. We are on multiple approval lists! We hold high insurance policies and background certifications to meet company vendor guidelines. If you are a borrower, let your lender or escrow know that you’d like to use us. 


Can you Print, Deliver, Overnight, or Scan a set of documents?

Yes, we offer lots of additional services to accommodate your transaction efficiently and entirely. Let us know what you need. Additional service charges may apply. We have large printer/copier/scanners to attend to large print jobs effectively according to the appropriate page parameters (legal/letter).


What if a signer does not have an Active Government-issued ID for my notary appointment?

If a signer doesn’t have an active drivers license, passport, or military ID. Two uninterested persons that can identify the signers will also suffice. They will need to identify themselves with the IDs mentioned above, and they can affirm the identity of the signer to the notary public.


Do you have a notary that visit Jails or Detention Facilities?

Yes. We often visit jails, detention centers and prisons. We are familiar with the process. We can print out documents, have them signed within the facility and returned promptly. You are also welcome to meet us at the detention facility with the papers.


Do you have a notary to visit a hospital or nursing home?

Yes, we frequently visit hospitals and nursing homes. These notaries need to be handled with care to protect the signers. We do take extra precautions to ensure everyone is protected. The signers must have a satisfactory ID. The signer must be in a good state of mind to make sound decisions. The signer must not be under the influence of medications or any substances that will affect their decision-making process. The signer must be willing to sign the documents on their own accord. Lastly, if signing in a skilled nursing facility or nursing home, the site ‘ombudsmen’ must be present for the signing of any health care related documents.

Do I need an Acknowledgement or Jurat?

California state law does not allow us to choose as we are unqualified to provide legal advice. Your best bet is to contact the receiving agency of your document and ask them what they require. Ask them what they want for their processing.

Does my document need to be completed entirely? Why can’t there be any blanks?

California state law says “no blanks” when a document needs a notarial act. Completing documents in full is meant to protect the signer and their intentions. If there are blanks within a document, they can be filled in at a later time by someone else wholly altering the signer’s wishes or statements. Completing documents in full protects everyone.