7 Steps to Prepare for your notary appointment


1. Bring Current Identification

All signers will have Active (Not Expired) Government Issued Identification at notary appointment:

  • Passport

  • Driver’s License / State ID

  • Military ID

  • or 2 Witnesses w/ ID


2. ID Name Matches Document Name (Exactly)

An ID must show more or ‘equal to’ the name indicated on the document for a notary to identify you in that manner as mandated by California Law.  (Formula: Identification Name  > or = Document  Name)


3. Signer and Notary can Communicate

All signers speak the same language as the notary conducting the transaction. Please indicate if your signer will need a notary that is bilingual. At the notary appointment, Spanish speakers will need a Spanish speaking notary; French will need French Speaking, Etc.


4. Signers are Willing and Ready

All signers are openly willing to sign the document on their own accord.  A notary is unable to proceed with a transaction if there are signs of unwillingness, duress, or coercion.


5. Signers are of Sound Mind

All signers will be of sound mind and competent before the notary.  Signers should show a mental capacity to discern the magnitude of the situation.


6. Documents Ready and Completed

All documents are fully completed. By law, documents being notarized are to be filled entirely before notarization.   A notary is unable to draft or assist with completion of documents. Contacting an Attorney and the receiving agency for assistance in drafting up a document before your notary appointment.


7. Schedule your Notary Appointment Online Now!

The schedule has availability one day out to give all signers and the notary enough time to be prepared for the appointment. This also helps ensure that the documents have been reviewed, proof-checked, and completed in their entirety. When everyone is rushed, things get missed. We recommend clicking the “Book Now” button so that everyone is ready to sign on!

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