People & Principles 

 At one point or another, almost everyone needs a Notary Public. Simply put, our team are background screened, licensed & insured individuals who are committed to watching over the integrity of the state in which we are commissioned. Truth is the purpose of our seal. We are neutral and principled. Professional and kind. Fellow citizens with a stamp. Talk to us about your Notary needs. 

Dayna C. Chillas, Esq.

USD Warren School of Law Cum Laude and licensed attorney in the State of Calfornia.


Johnny Quiroz, B.A. 

Notary Public and loan signing agent. 


Carmen Cobian,B.A.

Notary Public and loan signing agent. 

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Lisa Chapman. A.A. 

Notary Public and loan signing agent.

Stamping hand - Young businesswoman (or



To honorably uphold our public office as Notaries for The State of California.




To perform valuable services for the legal, business, healthcare, and real estate communities of San Diego by certifying or witnessing signatures on official documents. 




To develop a prominent presence of reliable, honorable, and skilled notaries in San Diego which businesses, organizations, and people, in need of notarial services, count on to get the job done right the first time. 










A business that will benefit society is worth building. 

Consistent continuous improvement is the result of effort and self-discipline.

Consideration for others is at the core of success.